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PAL Camcorders - Ideal for Home Videos

The camcorder is perhaps the best thing to have happened since the invention of the Polaroid camera. The way the Polaroid breathed new life into photography allowing us to instantly see the results, similarly the camcorder made pictures come alive and allowed home videos to become mainstream.

  • 2 Aug 2017

Adding Video To Your Website So You Can Add Content And Get Better Search Engine Ranking

Search engine ranking is based on various aspects and adding video to your site is one of the things that can help you with your ranking. If you want to get an almost instant rise in the search engines you will recognize that video can help you attain this. Not only that but you will also be adding more content to your site, which of course Google loves.

  • 24 Jun 2017
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28 Jun 2017
Posted By Felix C.

What You Need To Know Before Choosing A Film Transfer Company

Most people are amazed to learn that each little film frame can range from a horizontal resolution of 700 lines to 1400 lines. This means that the resolution, or detail, on your old 8mm film is better than DVD and that the resolution on your 16mm film is better than HD!! Well, it's true. The available resolution for old movie film is only limited by the film grain size and the size of the frame. This is important to understand when choosing a company to do your film transfer.
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